ThetaHealing therapy


  • Therapy : ThetaHealing
  • Therapy duration : 2 hours
  • Price : 80 €
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  • Suitable for : Everyone except pregnant woman (first 3 months)

What is ThetaHealing and how it works?

ThetaHealing is a non-invasive technique that accesses healing by bringing mind into a meditative state to relearn harmful thoughts and change reality. By changing negative beliefs in the subconscious mind, ThetaHealing helps to heal emotional and spiritual issues, which could lead to resolving of physical conditions. The ThetaHealing technique should be used in conjunction with conventional medicine.

This therapy was created in 1995 by founder Vianna Stibal. While a spiritual practice, it is not associated with any particular religion and is accessible for everyone.

It’s a holistic modality meant to benefit your body and mind. As it aims to reprogram the unconscious mind, a single session is intended to create change as practitioner assist you to release unhelpful subconscious beliefs such as thoughts of being a failure, or feeling undeserving of success, love etc. Changing your thoughts can lead to different choices, the taking of new actions and the achievement of different results.

ThetaHealing may assist when dealing with issues in:
- addictions
- anxieties
- phobias and fears
- concentration
- self-esteem, confidence in your own being
- stress
- relationships
- sadness, mood changes
- health

It can also help with:
- eliminating trauma
- eliminating negative subconscious patterns
- eliminate karmic ties and understanding them
- dispelling false beliefs

During a therapy, we can resolve patterns, fears or beliefs that hold us back, such as:
- nobody loves me
- I’m all alone
- I can’t forgive (myself, others…)
- I am afraid of abandonment
- I can’t express myself
- I’m not worth it
- I am afraid of success
- I am angry at (me, others…)

Online therapy lasts up to 2 hours, in which we will discuss issues, effects of therapy and after-care.

Number of therapies is up to individual – some issues can resolve quickly, and some take more time – be patient.

Questions on how to book a therapy and how does online therapy work please check FAQ section.

On the day of the therapy drink plenty of water and take time for yourself with no interruptions.

ThetaHealing is not intended as a replacement for conventional medical treatment.

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