Reiki therapy for children


  • Therapy : Reiki
  • Therapy duration : 30 minutes
  • Price : 30 €
  • Setting appointment : Book now
  • Suitable for : Everyone

Reiki therapy for children

Reiki is energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety.

Babies and toddlers love having Reiki and soak it up like a sponge as they have no emotional blockages which can slow the flow of Reiki energies.

Reiki can help newborns and toddlers with:
- reflux
- colics
- teething
- sleep

Reiki can help children who suffer with ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities and cancer. Reiki energy can help with reducing temper tantrums, irrational fears, anxiety, depression, sleep problems, illnesses, injuries, as well as the more challenging problems that children with special needs face.

Most healthy children have an enormous amount of energy flowing through their bodies which can sometimes make it difficult to rest, especially when it comes to sleeping. Reiki will help to calm any excess mental activity and relieve stress, as well as, balance their emotions.

Reiki can also be beneficial before exams when some children can feel stressed and worried. Reiki can help calm children down and relax both their body and mind for a general balanced well- being.

As for teenagers, Reiki can provide relief for so many of the stresses and strains that they go through. Reiki will ease the pressure whether it’s:
- feeling shy, nervous or anxious
- difficulty in being not understood, or not able to communicate properly
- period pains and hormones
- emotions such as feeling angry, sad or lonely
- pressure of sheer amounts of work for school
- bullying or people being unkind
- low self esteem and confidence
- relationship issues.

Questions on how to book a therapy and how does online therapy work please check FAQ section.

Number of therapies depends on individual – some issues can resolve quickly, and some take more time – be patient.

Reiki is not intended as a replacement for conventional medical treatment.

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