Energy therapy


  • Therapy : Energy therapy
  • Therapy duration : Depends on product
  • Price : Depends on product
  • Suitable for : Everyone

Energy therapy

Energy therapy is a wonderful alternative aid tool that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety, relieves pain and much more.

Therapy takes place in the form of a confidential, relaxed conversation and without judgment. I will talk with you about your wishes, problems, expectations.

If you have a hard time finding words, or if you don’t know what to expect from our meeting - don’t worry. There will be enough time to reveal (at least certain) causes of the problems, and we can also eliminate, change or improve them during session.

What problems or isuess are energy therapies used for?

The possibilities are endless, but the topics I come across most often are:

- relief of psychological problems (depression, anxiety, anxiety, fears…)

- detection and relief of emotional problems and attachments

- treatment of the physical body

- help with lack of energy, love, joy

- maintaining focus/goal

- removing blockages in the field of abundance and success

- raising the immune system

- purification of radiation, toxins

- faster regeneration after various operations

- regulation of hormonal balance

- energetic closure of traumas

- elimination of negative subconscious patterns

- removing limiting beliefs

I use several different techniques in my work, and during therapy I also explain which one I use in a particular case and why.

Based on intuition and needs, I decide on one or a combination of several techniques: Lightkeeper healing; ThetaHealing; Usui, Imara, Golden, Money and Kundalini Reiki; Angel cell healing.

To book an appointment or to check availability, please send an e-mail to

Duration and the price depends on the chosen therapy. Prices are listed in the tab Pricing.

After the therapy, you will receive advice for maintaining a high level of energy, for various spiritual exercises, etc.

For any questions regarding how does online therapy work please check FAQ section.

Number of therapies depends on individual – some issues can resolve quickly, and some take more time – be patient.

Energy therapies are not intended as a replacement for conventional medical treatment.

You can find a description of the techniques used in the tab Services - Energy Techniques.