Energy insight


  • Therapy : Energy insight
  • Therapy duration : 30 minutes
  • Price : 15 €
  • Suitable for : Everyone

Energy insight

Everything around us is energy, and we are energy, too.

We come into this life experience with a certain energy, which we can call CHI, or energy potential, life energy (some of this energy we get from our ancestors, but we create a lot of it during our life as well).

The unpredictability of life, challenges, hardships, worries and everything in between can lower our positive energy potential. That’s why it’s good to know what our energy state is and how to improve/raise it.

When you order an energy insight, I use a pendulum to measure your general energy state, the energy state of your body and organs - and based on measurment I’ll give you advice - and if data shows energy cleanse or removal of spells is recommended, I will pass on this information as well.

The payed amount for the energy insight (€15)(if the insight service was performed before the removal of spells), is deducted when ordering the removal of spells.

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You can find a description of the techniques used in the tab Services - Energy Techniques.