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Lightworker Natalija Tratar s.p.
Tax nr. 74734466

Bank nr. LT 6432 5008 5879 7605 16

Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

Site management, provider information

The website is managed by Natalija Tratar s.p., who also acts as a service provider (hereinafter the provider).

My services cover the following areas: energy therapies; counseling for personal and spiritual growth; guided meditations; courses; implementation of trainings and other related content.

All forms of counseling and energy therapies are provided as counseling and therapies for personal and spiritual growth. Therapies are not performed as a medical health service.

The buyer / customer is any legal or natural person who has entered into a business relationship with the provider through the provider’s website for the use of services.

Prices and offer

Online prices apply to all website visitors. In accordance with paragraph 1 of Article 94 of the ZDDV-1, VAT is not added (VAT exemption). Prices are valid at the time of placing the order. Prices are not time-limited in advance.

The purchase contract between the provider and the customer is concluded at the moment when the buyer confirms and pays for the selected therapy.

Method of payment

The provider allows payment of the order with a credit card payment and via a PayPal account. Secure payment is provided by the system provider (ie PayPal).

Purchase process

The customer selects the time of the desired service using the form on the website. Before the customer finishes the order, the method of payment is chosen. When the customer places and pays for the order, a window confirming the order opens - we suggest that you add this link to your bookmarks.

After receiving the order and payment, the customer receives an e-mail confirmation of the appointment with a calendar reminder. The e-mail also contains a link to the web session and a link to cancesl the order or reschedule.

The customer can cancel the order or reschedule at least 24 hours before the selected date by clicking on the link in the e-mail confirming the order and selecting the option (top right - Cancel = withdrawal from the order, Reschedule = change of date).

The day before the therapy, the customer receives an e-mail reminder.

If you do not receive e-mail, check spam folder.

Canceling the order

The customer can withdraw from the order free of charge at least 24 hours before the selected date by clicking on the link in the e-mail confirming the order and selecting the option (top right).

In the case of a canceled order properly in time, the provider returns the purchase price for the canceled order in full.

Security of purchase

Because customer safety comes first, it is possible to pay by credit card or via a Paypal account, which also takes care of secure transactions and guarantees the security of the purchase. The website never requests banking information from customers.

Execution of services

The service provider performs within the agreed time and in the agreed manner. The service is provided via a web link and is conducted in the Slovenian language for Slovenian customers; for all other customers the service is conducted in English.

All services take place as a conversation / interview / counseling.

None of the methods makes diagnoses. The use of the services is not a substitute for a visit to a specialist doctor. The provider does not accept responsibility for the actions and decisions of the customer after the service.


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This site logs only standard access information, such as IP address, basic browser information, etc. We use this information only for technical reasons (security and stability of the website). The retention period is defined by EU laws. We do not forward this information to any third party organization.