Spring is coming. It’s just around the corner. I feel it. Do you feel it, too?

I love everything about the spring. The smells. The vibrant colors of new grass. New buds on trees. Dafodills. Birds chirping and making rituals. Spring chicks and kittens. Nature awakening at it’s finest.

And of course, new beginnings. Spring offers as all new beginnings. After a dreary winter we are ready for sunshine. And smiles that graces our faces when sun hits us on a lovely walk. And spring rains that clear the dust of previous seasons.

And we can plant seeds. We plant for our future. We carefully pick which seeds we want to see grow and blossom. We water them. And we allow ourselves to be like little children, waiting for first sings of budding. We make our own little garden.

And we clean. Our house. Our clothes. We switch from heavy clothes to lighter ones. We wash the windows. We open them and let fresh crisp air into our cosy home.

And we forget, at least for a while, about cold or rainy winter. We are excited about what is coming next.

This spring I’m planting my own little garden. My energy garden.

First seeds in my garden were planted out of need for my well-being. I thought I was doing OK, but in reality – I was just cruising. Some health challenges and losses made me mellow in a way – I was too scared to change the way my life was going. And I was afraid to loose the life I had.

But I shouldn’t worry. I know now. I embraced the change. I embraced the spring. Like a ram I went head on into unknown. I had nothing left to loose.

I grabbed my spade, my bucket and I planted my energy seeds. I love seeing them bloom. And the seeds I planted but didn’t grow? They thought me too. It was not their time.

And now I’m sharing my energy garden with you. If you recognize that life can be so much more than it is right now, I can help you.

I can’t plant a garden instead of you. But I can help YOU see for yourself, what you want to see grow and bloom in you. In your soul.

So, get ready, the spring is coming and I’m excited to begin :)