My Energy Garden

Welcome to my energy garden.
Let healthy energy flow through you

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Hi, my name is Natalija Tratar. Welcome to my energy garden.

I am Usui, Golden, Imara and Kundalini Reiki master, teacher and practitioner; I’m certified ThetaHealing practitioner and Lightkeeper healing practitioner.
Through energy therapies your life experiences will be so much brighter, bolder, loving, freeing …



The initial step to a better life, even if we want the change to happen, can be daunting.
But every journey begins with the first step.
Step boldly … you can peek back, but remember to step forward.
Everything that brings us to the point where we are aware that change is necessary is priceless.
The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.
Join the dance, unrestrained and simple … dance as if no one is watching you, dance to your rhythm ….
And along the way, I will encourage you and help you when your legs get tangled …

What do I offer


Sometimes it’s hard to explain what someone can expect or gain from a therapy,
so what better way then to share some testimonials.